Mama and Lia’s Little Adventure πŸšŒ

I’ve been living in the UK for almost 7 months now. Yes, yes, yes, time flew by so fast! One of my constant worries is trying to go places without asking Rick to drive me all the time. Commuting worries me so much given that the area is huge and the only places I am familiar with are the places we usually go to or the routes that we usually take when driving. Town, grandad and nanny’s house, uncle Carl and Auntie Soph’s house, Hedge End, the hospital and the surgeries… and of course, KFC and Mcdonald’s wherever they are. πŸ˜‚

Today wasn’t really expected thinking that I would just want to do my usual Monday laundry day, my impulsive self made me look up bus no. 8’s route on the bus company’s website and baaaaaam! I just found myself downloading the app and buying a ticket. I just wanted to try commuting (aside from the shopping of course 😜) and familiarize myself with the routes-not-taken. Hahaha! I asked Rick if we can go one-way and he’ll pick us up later on, he happily obliged!

We went to the bus stop but missed the first bus, I was stupid enough not to stick my arm out because I thought they would automatically stop on every bus stops knowing there’s someone waiting in there. But you know, I am trying to learn and get used to this kinds of things. So we have to wait for another 30 mins. with the rain being so annoying at the same time. Lia was contented watching videos on my phone the whole time we’re waiting, so that’s a good start. Another bus came almost 30 mins after and we’re on!! Woohoo! We sat on the first available sit, Lia gets on the bus for free by the way so I just only have to pay for myself. She can get in for free until she’s 5 if I can remember it correctly. We pre-purchased the ticket on the app but when we got to the bus, it didn’t work so I have to purchase it right there for Β£2 single trip and Β£3 return. I can’t make up my mind right then and there so I just got the return ticket just in case I want to take the bus back home. I change my mind all the time.

Lia was just so happy to sit down throughout the whole bus ride, this was her 2nd time actually but I think she forgot about the first time since it was a few months back when we’re heading to London for her cousin’s birthday. She was also a good girl so I promised to buy her a toy, we ended up buying books since she has so much toys here at home.

We went to Smyth’s Toy Store first. We ended up staying for at least 30 mins there before we head out to mommy’s favorite shop. She loves walking with me, which is something she cannot really do so much whenever daddy’s around with us. Rick tends to be a little more stricter with her walking around than I am most especially when the shops are too busy or when Lia is being so tantrum-y, she still doesn’t know the concept of adrenaline rush or danger so she tends to be so carefree. The rest of our day is spent on TK Maxx and HomeSense, a little sosyal ukay-ukay as what we call it in Manila. They actually sell high end brands but cheaper prices, you can find anything and everything from clothes to shoes, make-ups, skincare products, baby stuff, kitchen equipments and some books and stationaries. We met up with Rick in Pizza Hut for lunch. It was a mini adventure but it was fun not relying on daddy to drive us since he needs to work on weekdays and I tend to get bored at home. The bus trip is definitely something I want to do again! The most interesting part of it today is me being independent and trying out new stuff like this helps. It frustrates me before that I have to ask Rick all the time to come with me, shopping is life, but being with Rick sometimes I can’t really do anything cause I feel like he gets bored of the same things that I’ve been doing over and over again. πŸ˜‚

Now I am back at home doing my usual Monday laundry day. I love the smell of freshly washed bed linens! I guess this is really me being a mom now. The trip is fun but nothing beats a nice, clean and organized house.

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