Pacifiers and vlogging? Why not!! πŸ˜Š

I spend so much time in the shower realising and analysing how my life was after Rick and I got married. I know I always say on my blog posts, on my Instagram captions and maybe whenever I share pictures of Amelia on Facebook that I am blessed beyond what I truly deserve. I don’t know if it was just me but every time I shower, it was the only time I can reflect on everything going in my life. As the hot waters from the shower pour down, same goes for all of my thoughts. Baths are also relaxing but I prefer to do it once in a while, it was more of a treat for me with candles lit inside the bathroom and some jazz music playing on Spotify.

I feel so bad about not updating my blog for weeks now, other than posting some recipes to share with friends and family and everyone reading my blog. I guess people are more interested of Lia’s pictures rather than anything else in this blog. Ha ha! But I cannot blame anyone for not loving Amelia, she’s heaven sent. I might change the layout when the blog reached it’s 1st year on December. I’m thinking of changing it into a gallery type layout so it’s much more appropriate to post pictures and probably much more easier to navigate. Anyways, it’s just so nice to update my blog about Amelia and our family once in a while since we have our family back in the Philippines. They probably miss Amelia more than they miss me and Rick. 😩

Lia has been really good this past few weeks. Anyone of you familiar with others saying don’t force your child to do something because they would do things when they’re ready? I super agree with this! Ever since we went home from the hospital after I gave birth, we’re giving Lia herΒ chup-chupΒ or later on was her favourite word, her PACI-fier. After she turned 1, we don’t really know exactly how to wean her off from it. We were trying so many different approach, we’ll be good for a day and then back at it again when she asked for her paci in the car. To be honest, the problem was with me and Rick because we rely so much on the paciΒ to make her stop from crying and whining and to prevent tantrums when we’re out with her. We also gave in so easily when she asks for it and we cannot just say no. It became our safety blanket. But if I am being frank about soothers, I won’t recommend using it. While we are still in the NICU after I gave birth, they have this make-shift cloth with breastmilk on it as soothers but they don’t actually recommend using plastic soothers. Rick was asking me earlier if we have our baby no. 2, would there be anything that I would do differently with him/her? And I said probably the baby shopping bit before I gave birth, I forgot to add about us using pacifiers. There should be no more soothers for the 2nd baby. Luckily with Amelia, she stopped looking for herΒ paciΒ since last week. It started on a Saturday night with mommy forgetting to give her the “P” and she slept through the night. Then goes Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday that she didn’t actually looked for her favourite “P” word. There would be some instances that she would actually say the “P” word but we’re trying our hardest to not give in to her most especially in the car or before bed. So far, so good for us three. I think it was also so sudden, because she just stopped so randomly. She’s already 2 years old so it’s not so nice to see her sucking on her pacifiers all the time at this sort of age. I’ve seen a 6 or 7 year old in the hospital still sucking on a pacifier after he had an operation, to be fair it looked quite a bit awkward and it made me uneasy. It made me think that Lia needs to stop soon already and that’s it for her. No more pacifiers for us anymore!

Lia has also been so good with her bedtime these days, she settles on her own just as long as she have her musical projector on. Lia likes music so much, she loves singing and she loves dancing along with any songs even Rihanna’s or Beyonce’s. She can even sing along to some of Adele’s songs or Taylor Swift and Zayn Malik’s song from Fifty Shades of Grey. So for the past few nights, she knows her routine. After showering, she needs to brush her teeth, dress up, give mommy and daddy cuddles and goodnight kisses, tuck her in bed, turn her projector on and then just give her a few minutes and she’s out. I enjoy watching her from her baby monitor every time. My baby’s definitely growing up! 😣

Babies are so cute you sometimes wish they don’t grow up but I enjoy Lia now more than ever. Believe it or not but I think I also grow up with her, I learn from her everyday. More than the teaching and imparting of good values, I learn different things with her and enjoy the experiences we have as mommy and Lia and as a family. I get to know my daughter more and more each day and I get to love her more and more. There’s so much that babies can do that would just totally melt mommy and daddy’s heart in an instant! When I see my husband and my daughter laughing and enjoying each other’s company, the only thing that comes to my mind is how much they make my life better and easier. Babies are life changers.

Anyway, it’s bedtime for us, I still have so much thoughts in my head but just have to keep this short so I won’t bore anyone reading this, if there’s any. I am also thinking if I should keep the blog running? I keep on saying that this is for Amelia but sometimes I feel guilty about the short posts and then in the middle of writing something I will be like “maybe you should stop na ’cause no one’s interested about this” or “no one is really reading this except Rick!”. 😬 I am thinking of ways on how will I be able to improve this and I was thinking of vlogging and upload the videos here. Maybe i’ll try vlogging once? Please let me know your thoughts!




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