Mother’s Day

Happy Mother’s Day, ma!

You stood for us and with us, have became our dad and mom in one. Didn’t quite understand how to be like you until I was one myself. I find it hard to raise one and I don’t really know how you managed to keep up with three pain in the bumsss. Thank you for praying for us everyday. We love you so much! We’ll do anything and everything for you even if it takes everything for us three. Susunod na ang golf caddy mo at umikot ka sa buong Intramuros, no need to use the e-trike! πŸ˜‚


Mom and me, May 1991 AKA so many years ago.


Mom and me, March 2015, my wedding day


And to my Amelia Isabelle, thank you for making me a mom.Β My day won’t be as complete without hearing MAMAAAAA from you now. I don’t really know what kind of mom will I be until you’re about 7 or 8, but for now I will be the mama who would give you ice creams and cakes even if daddy says no. I love you and daddy very much! ❀

Mama and Lia, June 2015


Mama AKA the siopao faceΒ and Lia, January 2016


Mommy and Lia, May 2017

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