A Work in Progress

I’m sorry I haven’t been really good with updating my blog these days since we are really busy with everything. We are trying to settle everything to make us a bit more comfortable here in the UK. To cut the story short, we have our own house now! Yehey! We were living with nanny and grandad for 2 weeks before moving in here. 3 bedrooms, 1 bathroom, a spacious kitchen and a really nice backyard and conservatory.



Welcome to our crib! πŸ˜‚

I’ve been wanting to take pictures of the before and after, but I just can’t really find time to take pictures since I’ve been busy cooking, cleaning and looking after Lia or the weather is just not very nice. It’s always raining here and I’m getting used to it now. I almost got locked-out earlier when I took the picture. Haha! The doors here are so different to the ones i’m used to in Manila. Once you shut the door, you can’t get in without your keys. In which I didn’t able to realize earlier until I was out. Thank goodness for whoever invented the doorbell! 😜



This is our living room currently.

Our living room is not as nice just yet, we don’t have our sofa because I think they are being built from scratch and will take 6-8 weeks before delivery. So we currently have to sit down on the floor every time. Computer table and the chairs are from Ikea. I super enjoyed Ikea! Stuff are a bit cheap but really good quality. Rick enjoyed building all the furnitures! I didn’t include our tv rack on the picture but it was from Ikea also.



Our messy kitchen!

This is our kitchen.. Tadaaah! Still a bit messy and it really needs more organization, but we are still currently waiting for our stuff from Manila which I think is coming this week or maybe next week? So, I don’t really want to do serious organization until everything is here so I can tidy up everything at once. This isn’t an ideal kitchen but this would do for us now and I guess we’ll just fill the house up with the smell of some freshly baked cookies and cakes. Love that my husband is being more involved with cooking lately. His steak is yummy! Everyone who knows me, know that I cannot live without rice but surprisingly, i’m doing really good here without rice as long as I have mashed potatoes or KFC. Ang sarap kaya ng KFC lalo na pag boneless ang chicken! 







Our messy conservatory.





Since it is spring time here, we are trying to do some gardening. I planted lillies and peonies which I wish would grow in time for summer.



Lia’s bedroom


I decided to do pink and whites. Plus a ballerina as a theme. 


Thank you, Oh Flora! for this very pretty prints.

Pink and white for Amelia’s bedroom cause I think it suits her very much. And a shop here called Next is selling this set of bedsheets called Amelia Ballerina.



Say hi to our new baby, Toby!


And this is daddy working in his office or what I would usually call his man cave.




Mommy and daddy’s bed but she enjoys it as much as we do. 


Our closet which we think is the most organised part of the house. Haha!

And that concludes our mini tour in our little abode. Hehe! Like what I said, still a work in progress. And I do this mainly because I want my family in Manila and Canada to know how we are settling here in the UK and I have no intentions of bragging. After all, this blog is for them and our friends who doesn’t get tired of supporting me and my family.


No hate, just love. ❀️









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