Playtime at Nanny’s Garden

I’ve been really bad with updating the blog lately, it’s because we’ve been trying to sort out our new house, the furnitures, our car and most of all, enjoying new life here in the UK. 

We are trying to get used to everything here like not having so much rice options everywhere unless you get Chinese take aways or try and substitute rice with something else like mashed potatoes or steamed veggies. I’ve been eating so much steak and mash here and I must say, I gained a lot of weight already! I’ve already tried grandad’s roast lunch and it was really good. Roast chicken, carrots and parsnips with honey mustard sauce, pigs in blanket (sausage with wrapped around bacon), pickled cabbage and something I forgot to ask Rick about. Haha! We love the sausages (and bacon, of course) here. 

What I miss most is the sunny weather in Manila, it has only been a few number of sunny times here so far. Most of the time it’s been raining or cloudy and gloomy, but who wouldn’t love the cold right? 😬 we arrived here almost the end of winter season. And yesterday, we were lucky enough to get a little bit of sunshine. Lia was playing at nanny’s garden yesterday and she really likes it there! Slides, toy cars, the grass and the sun.

We can’t wait for spring and summer! We miss home. ❀ 

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