Welcome to the UK!! πŸ‡¬πŸ‡§

We made it to the UK safe!

And in the flight I was thinking maybe I should write down a really blog post about the experience on the flight and getting through the UK immigration.


We chose to fly with Etihad but originally we were thinking of flying with Emirates but later on found out that we need to go to Clark Airport in Pampanga for the flight which is like 3-4 hours away from Taguig. We also thought of flying with Philippine Airlines but they are doing non-stop flight from the Philippines to the UK for 19 hours. We don’t think it is ideal for us since we have a 1 year old with us on the flight.

We fly business class for our flight from the Philippines to Abu Dhabi then first class for our flight from Abu Dhabi to London. Whew!! It was quite fun for me since this is my first time flying for more than 5 hours than my usual Singapore flights that only takes 3-3.5 hours. I knew it would make me feel exhausted.


Picture isn’t good but this is our business class flight from Manila to AUH. They gave Lia some nice kit bag with colouring books, crayons and memory cards.

The flight’s entertainment box is loaded with movies and games. We were watching Frozen, Bridget Jones’ Baby, The Girl on the Train and daddy was watching Doctor Strange.

The flight I should say went quite well considering we have Lia with us, she was fairly good and slept most of the time. There’s more leg room for us so it was quite nice to move and stretch out. Chairs have different massage vibrations so my back was fairly okay as well as my legs. I think it would only go on for 5 mins and will automatically shut down. πŸ‘πŸ»

Our flight from Abu Dhabi to London went well also, it was I think around 7.5 hours in total. We fly first class on this one which is another experience for me and Lia. This is the best flight so far for me since it was relaxing, we have our own bed, a really nice flat screen tv in front of me, an entertainment box full of movies, games and this time some full album of Justin Timberlake, Drake, Justin Bieber, Sam Smith, etc. Packed with games as well like PacMan, Tetris and Speed Control. And some movies for kids like Cars, Frozen and Home Alone. You won’t get bored!

You can also see your flight plan, the map and a live video of your flight from the outside. I’ve seen and watched us take off and landed through the small tv on my “apartment”









8 hour Abu Dhabi Layover

We had our layover in Abu Dhabi Airport, stayed at Etihad’s first class lounge. We had some dinner/breakfast which is really good. I had this full breakfast that has mushrooms, eggs, sausage, veal bacons, roasted tomato and hash brown. Rick had crab soup which he said is nice but he ended up not eating loads since he didn’t feel well on the flight. We also used the shower room in the spa area and the family lounge for sleeping in. Whew! They are quite nice in there. They also offer cut and shave for men, spa and a little nail place so you feel pampered before getting into your next destination. Not quite of what i’m expecting, but it was nice to know that they have provided you with everything. Another experience for the books!



Lia sleeping on the couch of one of Etihad’s family lounge at AUH airport



Food was really good! We can ask food on the flight anytime throughout the whole flight. Everyone was quite nice about asking if I need one for me and Lia. From the mains all the way from the dessert, wines and other drinks. We had chicken adobo for dinner (Manila to AUH) and a serving of vanilla ice cream, potato chips and bread. Then, we have our personal chef on our flight from AUH to LHR. We tried chicken biryani which was really good, btw. That was the only main course that has rice on it, and growing up from the Philippines rice is my first choice. Rick wasn’t feeling very well so he didn’t really had much on the flight other than cheese, wine and water.

Chicken Biryani and bread & butter was served for lunch.


Chicken Biryani, bread and butter for lunch!


A serving of ice cream for dessert! (I actually had 2 servings)

As of the writing we’ve been here for 8 days to be exact, me and Lia are adjusting really well though sometimes I cannot really handle how cold it is here. Really want to just walk around and explore and at least settle down a bit. I ordered some Filipino stuff online which is helpful since I still can’t keep my hands off the yummy Filipino foods I miss back home.Β Patis, toyo and sukaΒ are the main ones I ordered plusΒ Maggie Magic Sarap andΒ Yakisoba! We brought with us someΒ Bear BrandΒ powdered milk and few bottles of gourmet tuyo (dried fish in olive oil and spices).


Still can’t believe what i’m seeing!Β 


Lia and daddy in London Heathrow Airport




Bricks everywhere!

We’ll post more pictures of our latest adventure here soon! We miss everyone back home, we’ll see you all soon! ❀️





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