Philippines πŸ‡΅πŸ‡­

We are set to leave this weekend, something I’m looking forward to but at the same time something I’m dreading to happen. I’ve been anticipating this for years now, I haven’t travelled anywhere for more than 3 hours via plane and lastly, I don’t know how we will be like with a baby on a long flight. We’re waiting for our Jollibee delivery the other day and thought that this is probably one of the things I would miss here in Manila as well as Mcdonald’s breakfast longganisa. I will miss the food! Sinigang, adobo, nilaga, sisig and the list goes on and on. Wherever I go, Manila is always home for me and Lia. I was born and raised here and I wouldn’t trade that for anything.




Manila at night (Taguig)

But most of all, I’ll miss the family and my friends that turned into family. I will miss calling my sister Jalen around 12 mn and rush to our favorite Korean restraurant, eating our favorite Samgyupsal. Will Irish’s short notice trip just to see Lia or whenever she would ask if I want to go to a spa for massage at 1 am. Will miss mama coming over the weekends, looking after Lia just so Rick and I can go out and have our date night every Sunday.





Lia’s favorite bee.. Jollibee


I saw my dad yesterday, he said his goodbyes. I cried. It really is a pain to see him go, knowing we haven’t spent so much time lately and that the UK trip is so sudden. Told him
I will see him in 5 years. I hugged my dad which didn’t happened after he left home back in 2013. I hugged him tight and don’t really want to let go. Until now I can’t help but cry when I think of what happened yesterday. I saw my dad cry again. He kissed Lia and told her to be good for mom and dad. I don’t want to start crying again right now but I am. I guess, no matter how bad the situation is I am a softy on the inside. He is my dad and he will always be, respect will always be there. I asked him last night if he can come and drop us at the airport on Sunday and he agreed. Oh well.. so much for this.. and I had this feeling thatΒ I’m getting out of the subject! Ha ha ha!

Just wanted to say thank you to my SASN friends– the Ondins!




To Anna, Kuya Arnel, Jen, Mommy Del, Ate Melba and Hershy.. SOLID! You were there for me before and after I gave birth, kahit mag boyfriend pa lang kami ni Rick, during our wedding, Lia’s christening and nung 1st birthday niya pati na nung baby shower! You were the constant people I won’t miss and exchange for anything. Although hindi tayo magkaka age lahat, you’ve proven that we all can still get along, like teenagers na kung gumimik hanggang 6 am. I will miss the kwentuhans and the Hershy life counseling, kahit gaano pa ka-jologs ang trip basta magkakasama. Rest muna tayo sa gala para pagbalik namin, marami nang ipon at mag hahunt pa tayo ng mga living ondins!

To Pia, Tita Grace, Chichi Mau, Vince and Tito Ed, thank you also for the hospitality and for being so nice to our family.

To Lola Rose, Tito Noy and Tita Maricar, please look after mom, Irish and Jalen. I know si lola oo naman talaga yan without even asking. Haha!

To Issa and Frances, you were like sisters to me. See you on Lia’s 7th birthday at sana di pa nakakasakay si Issa ng barko.

To Joy, Yvette and Hanah.. Though things are not so good at this time, thank you kasi I know I can count on you guys all the time. You know, in every friendship there will always be misunderstandings but in time sana maging okay. I hope to see you Yvette and Joy in few years time in the UK.

To Basha and Basti, please be good to daddy.

To Ninong Joel and Ninang Moppet, thank you for always being there for us. For the support right after mom and dad’s separation. We will never forget how generous and how hospitable your family to us. Sobrang one call away lang po kayo all the time. You always made us feel welcome pag nasa Cuyab kami and never in time na pinabayaan once we are in Calamba.

And lastly, to our relatives, to my mom’s side of the family and to my dad’s side of the family, thank you all very much, for welcoming Rick and Lia into our family.

We’ll be back, ipon lang kami for Lia’s 7th birthday. πŸ™‚








Our home for the past 3 years. BGC

I guess, I will get busier this week and I won’t be able to update the blog. This will be the last time for the mean time and will continue uploading pictures and updates once we get to the UK.

Love to all!




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