Blog update

I was feeling bad about not updating the blog for weeks. We got a little busier after we had our visa, we were also sorting out the relocation details. From sorting out the things we would want to take with us, by sea or by air, Amelia’s clothes and toys, our clothes, shoes, books and our kitchen.

We went to the visa centre last January 18 to submit our documents and other visa requirements that we need to hand-over to the British embassy. We paid for the priority visa service which they said would only take 10 working days. We had our visa after 4 working days. Mixed emotions. Happy that in some ways we will be establishing somewhere outside the Philippines, new experience, new environment. Sad that I’ll be leaving my mom and Irish, Pia and Jalen. I’ll probably miss so much in the next 5 years (we are actually planning to go back here in time for Lia’s 7th birthday), and i’ll definitely miss the food and the beaches!!




Other friends and family started throwingΒ despedidaΒ (going away)Β party for me and my family. I’ll try to post some pictures since these are experiences I don’t want to forget. I appreciate everyone who made time to see me, Rick and Lia before we leave.

This relocation, the packing and everything is never easy. You would feel drained at some point and other things would arise. I can say things can really get out of hand sometimes and it wouldn’t go on with how you plan things to happen. Plans change most especially when you have a baby, you also have to deal with a lot of people turning up at some unexpected time at home wanting to see you at the last-minute.

Rick and I are started sorting out some of our things tonight. We managed to finish Lia’s clothes and some of the things that we don’t use everyday anymore. We tried segregating it to 4 sections; for my mom, for some of our friends here in PH, shipping by sea and shipping by air. It’s so hard to let go of some but.. 😭 I HAVE TO MAKE ROOM FOR SOME NEW ONES. 😬 Sorry hun! 😜



Chips Ahoy not included! :p



Our house probably doesn’t look that bad at the moment but it will look worse in the next few days. Haha! This house is the best one we rented so far out of the 3, we moved in here last March 2016. Very accessible to everything, grocery, movie house, restaurants, a bookstore (heaven!!) and coffee shops just outside.

I would take pictures and post an update of how things are going for the next few days prior to our flight on the 19th. I hope this would go smoothly and at least easier for me and Rick. Lia’s cooperating really well and I hope she would until we finish everything, grab our bags and go!





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