Random (Tots) Thoughts ๐Ÿ‘ถ

There would be times like this when daddy’s not working and would just want to play with Lia and mommy. Times like this makes Lia very happy, just walking around with her fridge magnets, singing her favorite songs, watching her favorite shows and so on. As early as now, I can tell Lia is definitely a daddy’s girl. It will always be daddy for her all the time, but she could get very clingy with either of us anyway. 
Lia acts like her dad, she is very observant like daddy, she wouldn’t say a thing but you know she’s watching something and observing how things work or how it looks like. She’s quiet and loves to play on her own or she would sometimes want involve mom and dad on some pretend cooking and pretend picnics with her picnic and grilling set from Tata Irish and Tata Pia. 

If we are not playing with her grill set, we are mostly just happy singing and dancing. I guess this one helped a lot with Lia’s development. We started listening to some Mozzart & Bach songs when I was still pregnant, we would do it before bedtime. And at 5 mos., though she hasn’t understand anything at all yet daddy and I would introduce new songs to her, at 8 mos. she could already hum the songs she knows or at least try and say simple words she remembers like ha ha ha! Tata Irish let her watch this YouTube channel full of nursery rhymes LittleBabyBumยฎ one day and she developed interest. She would dance to it and enjoys clapping her hands.

We also enrolled her in a playschool which helped her develop her social skills, although Lia is good with strangers already before school, she was even better this time with other kids and we saw her mingle with other parents as well. She would randomly wave hi to everyone these days whenever we’re out and about or say bye-bye before we leave. We are also teaching her how to say please, thank you, sorry and excuse me which she pronounces as “peeb!”, “tankoo!”, “sowee!” and “myu-mee!” respectively. A bit of a warning though, do not touch her unless she saw you talking to me or daddy or else she wouldn’t at all talk to you or let you carry or touch her. ๐Ÿ™ˆ

We are currently at this phase where she’s throwing tantrums whenever she doesn’t get what she wants. The other day, I had an argument with daddy about how could we discipline Lia better because I feel like we are not trying hard at all. I know we wouldn’t always get along since we both grew up on different settings/beliefs/ways but I guess compromising and meeting halfway would always be the best option for the both of us. Be open-minded and communicate always. We are not experts when it comes to parenting.

I also commend our parents for raising such awesome kids ๐Ÿ˜‰ sometimes I wonder how dada and I turned out normal—-ish. ๐Ÿ˜‚ But seriously, I was wondering how our parents did it. Do they have any kind of books or manuals we could borrow? Do they follow a certain plan? What if the plan didn’t work, do they always have a plan B? 

I sometimes wonder, will daddy and I be able to raise Lia right? Would we be able to raise her like how we wanted it to be? Would she turn out just okay or disciplined or like Ms Prim and Proper? It’s scary but all we can do is try and try. Our parenting style is very simple, we want to be very open to our kids. We want them to feel like we are always here for them ready to listen but at the same time, we don’t want them to lose their respect to mommy and daddy, we want them to be able to open up about their “crushes”  or first boyfriend/girlfriend or first kiss without feeling awkward, we want them to know that we are going to treat them right whatever their gender preference is and the list goes on for us. 

Another thing to discuss with Daddy Rick.. Is spanking okay? When do you think it’s okay to hit the kids? Is screaming okay? How do you set the limit of being playful to being too much? Hmm.. Sometimes Lia could make you feel a little exhausted and drained, you can’t help but do one or the other. Then after, she would act like a sweetheart and starts kissing you. You can’t help but get your heart carried away. ๐Ÿ’ž 

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