Big (baby) Step! 

So last night, I was thinking maybe the Baby Lia is not so little anymore. I was in Glorietta yesterday looking for a new bath for Lia. I asked about the conversion kit for our Herington cot bed (if we want it converted to a toddler bed) as advised by the Mothercare staff when we bought it before I gave birth. 

Since Lia’s already 1.5 years old, we decided to convert her crib to a toddler bed last night. It was just a quick conversation with Daddy Rick (translated to CONVINCING. Hehe). 

I did have some concerns about the big step though:

  1. Since Lia loves to climb in and out of the bed and we don’t have any stair gates, how can we keep the bedroom safe for her? We have a loft type apartment, btw. No doors upstairs.
  2. Would she like the new setup?
  3. Is the bedrail sturdy enough?
  4. What if she falls from the side?
  5. What if she falls on the side and we didn’t notice?

There are actually a lot but that is probably going to be on Rick’s perspective. So far, she slept through the night in her bed which is quite unusual. She usually wakes up in the middle of the night asking dad to pick her up and transfer her to our bed. 

Next big move, potty training!! I don’t have an idea how and where are we actually going to start. I’m trying to research on some parenting forums and hopefully we could start it as soon as we can. Do you have any advices on how to start the potty training? Let me know, send me a message please.

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