Christmas in Boracay


            Spent Christmas in Boracay this year, we stayed at Astoria Boracay in Station 1. We had our buffet dinner at the hotel, then bought pizza, pasta and chicken wings at Yellow Cab which is just beside our hotel for the family to share for Noche Buena. We went by the sand bar to watch the firedancers and had a couple of drinks by the beach front. We didn’t do much in terms of activities since it was raining all day on the 26th and there’s an expected typhoon. But we enjoyed walking around the beach with nona and tatas. Lia likes walking along the sand feeling the sea water on her toes. When we went to Boracay last March for our wedding anniversary, she hated the sand so much and doesn’t want the waters to touch her toes. Too little to enjoy the beach, she’s just 9 mos old that time. We also didn’t have nona and her tatas last March with us. 

           It’s daddy and mommy’s 3rd Christmas together, Lia’s 2nd Christmas and our 1st to celebrate Christmas at the beach. I hope you all had a good one!!

Merry Christmas!


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