About the blog

                    My name is Maine, please feel free to get to know me and my family through our blog. I put up the blog for the main purpose of documenting everything that has been happening while we are away from our families and friends back in the Philippines and to document all the life experiences we had and will be having as a family including travels, food, marriage and motherhood.

                    I am “mom-mom” or “mommy” or “mamaaaa” to my gorgeous daughter, Amelia (hence, the blog name) and wife to my sweetheart, Rick. We are currently living in the UK but I am born and raised in the Philippines. We do everything as a family, travel, cooking, eating and so much more. We try to enjoy life as much as we can together. I love taking snaps of my little girl, our everyday life as a family or anything I fancy like a dog plush at a toy shop, a weird-shaped leaf, a colourful set of pens, my home cooked goodies, owls and elephants or anything I find interesting in general. I am a shutterbug! I love my photos candid and raw. We love food and basically love sharing our recipes to everyone, we sometimes document everything in the process of making it but we tend to get a little pre-occupied with the works and of course, our little one. But I do put pictures of the food we’re having on Instagram, feel free to message me for the recipe if you wish to know about it. Link to my Instagram page is just below! 🙂

                     Daddy Rick will also try to write some blog entries once in a while. He is working full-time, but he will definitely try his best to also be as hands-on as mommy when it comes to blogging. He is also behind the construction of the site, designing and helping me do some customisation. But together with daddy Rick, we’ll try to manage the blog better together.

                     Just a bit of a warning though, I/we are not professional photographers. Please bear with us while we try our best to provide you with blog quality pictures. We will be using my phones, sometimes Rick’s, or our Fujifilm X-A3 camera to document everything, so picture or video quality might vary every now and then. We would want to try vlogging soon but we still need to figure out how. Haha! 😅  long way to go!

                    So yes, feel free to browse around here and don’t forget to say hi to us every time you’re here! Enjoy our blog just like how we enjoy making each of the entries.. and the memories!


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